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Torosaurus was a long frilled ceratopsian, that was closely related to Chasmosaurus and Triceratops.


Torosaurus's head was huge, the skull measured 10 feet long. The frill was more than half the length of the skull, and like Chasmosaurus, it had two large openings in the middle of the frill. It was more lightly built, and smaller than the more famous, Triceratops. Both of them lived to the end of the Cretaceous, but torosaurus wasn't doing so well. It, however, like triceratops was a chasmasaurine, ka-sma-saurine. One of the differences from it and Triceratops is that it was a long frilled ceratopsian, unlike Triceratops, which was a short frilled ceratopsian. Although once thought to have the longest skull of any dinosaur, it is now thought that a different ceratopsian, Pentaceratops, now might have a larger skull. It was a chasmosaurine, which means that it had larger brow horns, than nasal horns.

In Other Media[]

Torosaurus was shown as the main horned dinosaur, instead of the more famous, Triceratops  in Walking With Dinosaurs: episode 6, Death Of A Dynasty. It was shown being one of the sources of prey for Tyrannosaurus, and was shown going extinct when the infamous meteorite, that killed the dinosaurs came.