Tasmanian devils are a type of mammal that are still alive today. 


Adult tasmainian devils are carnivores that can grow to be 4 feet long and 1 foot tall. Their babies can be as small as a grain of rice. They fight over territory and their fur is usually brown and black. It is a carnivorious marsupial that lives in Tasmania. Be carefull around them, they bite. Tasmanian devils are popular, such as in Loony Toons, there is a tasmanian devil known as Tazz. They are Tasmanian devils. They can be found in Australia. They are Tasmanian devils. Tasmanian devils will eat lizards if there is nothing else

The type of lizard they eat

to eat/starving to death. A tasmainian devil was shown in the cartoon Loony Toons.  The tasmanian devil evoled from alot of dinosuars.

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