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Some attributes
First Its name means Valient lizard
Second It lived during the early Cretaceous period
Third It grew 23 feet long
Other attributes

Ouranosaurus is a two ton herbivorious orinthopod/iguanadont that lived in Africa during the early cretaceous period, like Spinosaurus



Ouranosaurus was a little bit like Dimetrodon,  Edaphosaurus  Spinosaurus because it also had a sail on its back. It  probably used its sail for the same reasons too. Although they might look a lot like duckbill dinosaurs like Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus,  they are actually iguanadonts. It was 23 feet long and was preyed on by Carchardontosaurus and sometimes, during the dry season Spinosaurus.


They were shown as herd animals, in planet dinosaur, like modern bison. They are also known as, the bulls of the Late Cretaceous Africa. Ouranosaurus was an animal that lived in herds and also probably took care of its young. They were very careful, so if a Spinosaurus appeared, alhough they are not on its menu, they would still run away from it.  

Name definition[]

Its name means valient lizard. 

In Other Media[]

Scientific classification


Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Clade: Dinosauria
Order: †Ornithischia
Clade: †Ornithopoda
Clade: †Styracosterna
Clade: †Hadrosauriformes
Genus: †Ouranosaurus

Planet dinosaur[]

Ouranosaurus appeared in planet dinosaur, lost world. It was shown being spooked by a Spinosaurus, although they weren't on its menu. It was then shown being hunted by a carcharadontosaurus. Then, they protected themselves from a Spinosaurus. Its final appearance, was when an ouranosaurus corpse was being fought over by a Spinosaurus and a carchardontosaurus.