Liopleurodon was the top predator of the late Jurassic Period seas.


Its name means smooth sided tooth.


It was a pliosaur, and hunted ichthyosaurs like Opthalmosaurus, and pleisosaurs, like Cryptoclidus. It was 25 meters long, and had a very strong bite.The arrangement of its nostrils shows that they weren't for breathing, they were probably for sensing prey.

It lived in Europe, along with other peisosaurs, pliosaurs and ichthyosaurs. It probably evolved from the pleisosaurs that started growing shorter necks like rhomaleosaurus.There teeth were huge and they had many rows.Edit

Genus classificationEdit

Liopleurodon is a genus of large, carnivorous marine reptile belonging to the Pliosauroidea, a clade of short-necked plesiosaurs. The two species of Liopleurodon lived during the Callovian stage of the Middle Jurassic Period.

In Other MediaEdit

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Plesiosauria
Suborder: Pliosauroidea
Family: Pliosauridae
Genus: LiopleurodonSauvage, 1873

Liopleurodon was shown in the Walking With Dinosaurs series: episode 3, Cruel Sea. It was shown, hunting animals like the ichthyosaur Opthalmosaurus , and Cryptoclidus. At the end of the episode, a male bull liopleurodon was stranded on the beach, and soon died.

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