Welcome to our wiki Edit

These are the guidelines of the Natural Wiki, if you break one of these rules, you will probably get a warning and/or be blocked.


  • Any vulgar language is reasonable grounds for a block with or without a warning. Bad language will not be tolerated.
  • All users here are community members and contributors, just like you. Treat other users the way you would like to be treated!
  • All important information taken from this wiki must be cited as per Wikia's licensing policy. Any non-cited material can be considered a copyright violation, which is a federal crime.
  • If you are an admin, you have probably been promoted for a good reason. Do not abuse your powers by blocking, protecting, undoing, etc., unnecessarily. Power abuse is one of the top signs of an unfit admin.
  • Don't try to achieve badges just to move up on the leaderboard. If you are typing nonsense or false info onto pages, then that is perfectly reasonable grounds for a block.
  • Categories are there to organize pages. Don't add excessive categories!
  • Spamming and vandalism is intolerable. If a page is ruined by a user, that wreaks havoc on the entire community.
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