Carcharadontosaurus was a 39 foot long sundry carnosaur/theropod, that lived in/during the Late Cretaceous period.


These animals weren't, and aren't known about except for a few people. Carcharadontosaurus lived in Africa alongside many other dinosaurs. These dinosaurs also had many strange and unusual habits, as they headbutted each other over territory and land, and they could get even more violent then that.

Description Edit


They were related to Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus , but was 4 times larger and bigger than Allosaurus . It, like Allosaurus, had a crest on its head. Although smaller than Spinosaurus, Carcharadontosaurus was't tiny, it was still 3 feet longer than the more famous Tyrannosaurus Rex.  

Other animals in the regionEdit

It lived in north Africa, alongside the giant, Spinosaurus, and the orinthosuchian iguanodont, Ouranosaurus. It also lived alongside the giant plant-eater Paralitian, and may have hunted the young paralitian. There was only one major competition with carcharadontosaurus, and that was the giant 17 meter long Spinosaurus

In Other MediaEdit

Planet DinosaurEdit

Carcharadontosaurus was shown in planet dinosaur: episode 1, lost world. It was shown, hunting an Ouranosaurus and succesfully got a meal. It was then shown fighting with a Spinosaurus but lost its Ouranosaurus corpse.

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